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There is a new gallery displaying a selection of websites. We shall shortly create a similar gallery with screenshots from Bookseller.

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website development

Creative Computing has been developing websites for over ten years. An early site - probably a little too early given the target audience - was the British Music Network, an experimental project offering a resource for classical music. The site was created in 1996 but no longer exists.

dynamic websites

A number of sites, mainly developed for booksellers, are displayed here. The sites shown are mainly dynamic; most of their content is generated as required according to the actions of visitors to the site. This is easy to understand where a visitor for example might search for books on a particular subject, within a specified price and sorted in a particular way. Clearly the resulting pages are created in response to that specific query; they could not practically be created in advance. Such dynamic page creation is less obvious if for example a page of bookfairs or recommended books is displayed. However if the changing content of such pages is stored in a database, it can easily be kept up to date.

Most of the recent sites created by Creative Computing are essentially dynamic or 'database-driven'. Much of a website - in many cases most of it - is actually not visible to a visitor to the site; it is within a password-protected administration area where the owner of the site or others to whom acccess has been given can manage the content, view information submitted by visitors or check statistics regarding the number of unique visits per month or average length of time spent on the site etc..