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There is a new gallery displaying a selection of websites. We shall shortly create a similar gallery with screenshots from Bookseller.

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  • Patrick Pollak Rare books
  • Henry Irving Correspondence
  • Wychwood Books
  • Ladies who Lunch
  • Combs Autographs

    Simple but powerful search facility. Data in all fields is searched. By default, case and word order are ignored, and incomplete words are allowed.
    Visitors can join the mailing list. When a visitors submits their details, an email is sent to the site owner and the information is stored in the online database. All subscribers can be emailed directly from the site administration area.
    Wants submissions are similarly stored and accessible via the admin area.
    Items can be added to the shopping cart, order forms are generated and emailed to the customer and site owner, and the details are stored in the database.
    Visitors can enquire about items rather than or in addition to using the shopping cart facilities. This option displays a form with information from the selected item. The submitted form is emailed to the site owner and the data stored in the online database.

    Administration Aparting from access to the data submitted by visitors, the admin area enables the owner of the site to upload, delete and edit stock records, upload images, backup data (eg directly into Microsoft Excel), view comprehensive website statistics and generally manage the site and keep it up to date.
    Technology XHTML, Javascript, CSS, MySQL, PHP
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Most of the sites shown here are dynamic; their content is generated as required according to the actions of visitors to the site. This is easy to understand where a visitor for example might search for books on a particular subject, within a specified price and sorted in a particular way. Clearly the resulting pages are created in response to that specific query; they could not practically be created in advance. Such dynamic page creation is less obvious if for example a page of bookfairs or recommended books is displayed. However if the changing content of such pages is stored in a database, it can easily be kept up to date.

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